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Care Giver Training School

What is Care Giver Training ?

Training which is designed & created to develop quality care givers.

Aims of Care Giver training ?

  1. To provide quality care giving service to customers by developing quality care givers
  2. To provide vocational training to youngs especially young ladies
  3. To distribute health care knowledge & skills which are very useful for every one's life.
  4. To create job opportunities for trainees at KC
  5. To fulfil the care need of customers for healthier & happier life

Who should attend this training ?

People who want to get

  1. Knowledge about our body, common diseases, self health care & caring others
  2. Skills on basic nursing, first aid & using on basic health care related devices
  3. Qualities of a care giver so that they can become be professional care givers.
  4. Regular & good income after a few months learning.

Who is elegible to attend this training ?

  1. Anyone who interest in basic health care knowledge, skills & attitute of a care giver.
  2. But we recommend young people since these leactures are very basic & aim for the starting as a basic care giver.
  3. Regarding education, trainee candidate should passed middle school. Graduate are better for catch up capacity.
  4. Trainee candidate must attend full course of training.

Characteristics of our training ?

Unlike others:

  1. It is a vocationl training designed for care giving job.
  2. well structured lectures especially prepared to be good care givers
  3. Interactive lectures
  4. discussion after each & every lecture
  5. small group teaching, limited seats
  6. job guarentee after passing end training assessment, KC will recruit
  7. hostel arrangement for those who come from other cities
Please call for booking.

Which areas are taught & how it will be trained in this training ?

Since we limit the seats (not more than 15 persons) for our prejob training, it is lucky for the trainees. Total of 30 interactive lectures, with discussion after each lecture, using multimedia classroom, moreover all trainees have to be assessed every week & at the end of the training.

  1. Knowledge related lectures

    • Know your body

    • Child development & Care

    • Common diseases

    • Elderly care

    • Pharmacology basic & commonly used drugs

    • Healthy lifestyle

  2. Skill related lectures & trainings

    • Nursing skills

    • Basic clinical skills

    • First aids

  3. Job related lectures

    • KC Caregiving service basic

    • Fundamentals

    • How we operate

    • Important notes

    • Care giver's daily jobs

    • Care giver assessment details

    • Awards & punishments

How much we charge ?

It is very reasonable for a vocational training since you can earn training fee amount just after working for 1 month. Please call for details.

How long it will take ?

It will only take 4 to 5 weeks, full day training for all week days. Training is specially designed to effectively complete within 4 to 5 weeks. Trainees will be ready to start working with us after successfully passed all assessments.

Any prospects for trainees ?

Definitely yes! Since care giving market become bigger worlwide, trainees are able to stand as a professional care giver in Mynmar. If they wish, with some lauguage training & some additional short term trainings, they will have chances to work in other countries.