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KC Health Care - most reliable & innovative health care provider of Myanmar.

About KC Health Care

We are innovative health care service provider in Myanmar. We started providing health care services in 2009-2010, have many experience in healthcare industry. Some of our services we provide are home care giving service, medical facilitation service to Indian hospitals, health care consultancy service including outsource for our clients projects. We also provide health care related products to our customers as distributor. We are working in cooperation with local & international health care partners. 

  • Hundreds of patients (liver/ renal transplant & other cases) we have served successfully to get the best treatment in India.

  • 8,000-11,000 home caregiving duties are serving each year in Yangon with our caregivers.

  • We also successfully provided many survey projects to one of top multinational pharmaceutical company.

  • We also serves as health care consultancy for some start ups & foreign health care providers.

Founder & MD

km passport photo.jpg

KC Health Care Services are created & managed by Dr Kyaw Min, founder & MD of company. He has more than 20 years of experience in Myanmar Health Care industry including pharmaceutical marketing & distribution, laboratory & diagnostics, managing health care services to MNCs, medical facilitation, organizing exhibitions & events, international trading, etc... .

His special interest area are..

  • Innovative health care services

  • Hospital management & Consultancy

  • Laboratory & Diagnostics

  • System development, defining SOPs, Creating dashboard & tools for organizations

  • Healthcare IT

Our Vision


  • To be successful & most reliable innovative heath care provider of Myanmar

  • To contribute health care in Myanmar through our innovative services, products & by cooperating complimentary with local & international bodies.

  • To be accepted as their health care partner by customers, clients and cooperating organizations & individuals

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